I’m not dead – Or am I???

Bloody hell. Has it really been 7 months since my last update??? Wow I am pretty crap at this. So whats happened in 7 months? Well long story short. Ran a load of event, my anxiety levels went mental for a bit, stepped back from hobby for a bit, had a baby (Well I didn’t that’s impossible but you know) had n sleep for months on end and had a heart attack scare. Fun times!

So what’s next? With having a baby, my hobby time has pretty much disappeared entirely. I’ve not managed to play any guild ball in months, I have an itching to play malifaux again thanks to the malifools podcast (Best malifaux podcast around) returning from the grave πŸ™‚ I’ve also fallen out with X-Wing a bit. One lesson learnt, never play X-Wing when you have had no sleep in a few days and you are were already grumpy and playing a slightly annoying person. After throwing a ship across the room I figured I should step back from it for a while!

I have however been getting back into my card games, these are something I can break out really quickly and play with friends which importantly do not take up too much time. With this I’ve managed to start recording a podcast for Warhammer Conquest LCG πŸ™‚ myself and a few friends gather round mine once a fortnight to record once the baby has fallen into a milk coma


I shall however be at the UK FFG Nationals this year, not to play but to work – 45 hours across 3 days YIKES! so if anyone is attending, come say hi πŸ˜€

I do intend to do more articles in the future it’s just having the energy at the same moment as having spare time to do something.

If there are any parents who know how to balance this then I am all ears as it’s a real struggle at the moment. Anyway this has been a slight disjointed ramble so apologies to anyone who has read this thinking there will be actual content…


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