Dreadball Tournament Tool [DTT]

On the back of my Roster Creator I figured I would turn my attention to looking at the tournament software side of things.

As a bloodbowl veteran, I have been spoiled over the years by a piece of software developed called SCORE. After not having enough time to support it, Joris made it open source for people to play around with the core files.

So I asked myself the question, “I wonder if this could be used for dreadball?”

This evening I had a bit of a play and it turns out, for the most part you can. Now I am not a coder so at the moment I have just been playing around with the templates and some of the settings files, but at the very least, it is a starter for 10. This is still very much in a beta at the moment but I wanted to share with people, so I can at least get some feedback to help speed up a release that is fit for purpose.

As with the DRC, If there is anything wrong or you think should be changed, let me know below and I shall see what I can do

BETA Version 0.1

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