Yep that is me and my trusty stead

My name is Liam and I am a wargamaholic. There I said it, I am like a Magpie, I like shiny things.

I am 28/29/30 and I have been miniature gaming since I was about 10, back in the days where painted was dunking a model in a pot of paint and that was it job done. Now that I am all grown up I try and for the most part do paint things properly

This wonderful new blog will catologue some of my freshly painted models as well as my regular gaming night / tournament exploits for the world to see.

Currently I play and paint:
Relic Knights
Guild Ball
Warhammer Conquest
Too Many Board Games

Finally, if you have gotten this far then thank you for taking the time to visit the site and not rejecting it straight away. I honestly hope that you come back regularly as I certainly hope to be adding stuff correctly. If you like the things I post or don’t for that matter please comment and let me know what you think. I will reply to everything. Alternatively you can email me at retromunkey at gmail dot com

Thank you again.

8 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. Liam! I love your site man! As a wargameaholic like yourself, it’s always nice to see blogs with more than just 40k! I’ve been wanting to try Hordes, it looks awesome and looks SO much cheaper than 40k! I already know im gonna have a blast following your blog and commenting on your work! Feel free to swing by mine and drop some constructive criticism!

    • Thanks. Things are a little quiet at the moment as the man cav is undergoing a massive tidyup and clear out. Warmachine is a great game but be careful. Whilst entry level is cheaper than 40k once you start playing tournaments etc it gets very, very expensive

      • I was gonna check into that and War Machine. Now that 7th edition 40k is about to shoot themselves in the foot by letting you run entire lists of heldrakes or lemen russes, throwing the force organization chart out the window, I’m seriously thinking about making the jump to one of them; GW has turned 40K into ‘how can we sell more lists? OH! by letting players run whatever they want!’ i think it’s time to seriously consider the two games.

  2. Just getting into malifaux and struggling for opponents. Work in Bristol so any I do available on gaming nights in the area would be useful. Cheers

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