I have a gaming channel

Despite my extremely poor ability to keep this blog updated, I have managed to get quite a bit of gaming done.

I have been playing a lot of Game of Thrones LCG, Conquest (even though it is now cancelled 😦 ) and X-wing.

Whilst working at the UK Nationals I saw a lot of people moaning about there being no video coverage of some of the systems, mainly Xwing and Conquest. I got pretty narky back at people as recording games is a big money investment as well as the time commitment to not only record but to edit afterwards.

I ended up facebook live streaming the semis and the final for conquest on my phone (which nearly overheated) and at that point I figured why not try and get a decent set up.

With not enough to be able to afford it, a few friends said I should try and crowd fund it. I figured what the hell why not expecting to be told to piss off for being cheeky. Instead the idea was funded in less than a week, and we now have a set up to record games from the Bristol meta! 

And with that comes it’s own gaming channel. Thanks to my good friend Richard for the catchy name “The Gaming Hall”

And of course a swanky channel wouldn’t be complete without a stunning logo which the amazing Dan Abrams (http://www.daniabram.co.uk) she is on twitter as @bintykins and is so bloody talented it is unreal!

So yeah. Go check out the videos and let me know what you think. There are 2 events up already (1 game of thrones and 1 Xwing) I would love to hear any feedback on these so that future videos can be improved 🙂 

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