All Rolled Up Dice Tray Review


All Rolled Up is a husband and wife run business that specialise in hand crafted roll playing accessories. These guys have been around for a few years. I only happened onto these guys by chance when the Annie the wonderful Dice Bag Lady (Seriously she is awesome go check her out) gave them a shout out on her Facebook Page. Annie is one of a few people in the hobby world, that if she drops a shout out to a company, it is worth checking out, and boy am I glad I did!

For a while now I have been wanting to get a Dice tray for my X-Wing and Guild Ball gaming. Whenever you ask for recommendations, you are always pointed in the way of KR and that’s really about it in the affordable market. Now the KR one is nice and all, however I wanted something low key and easy to store away. I have an aluminium case for my Guild Ball models and several Feldherr cases for X-Wing, plus accompanying token boxes. I did not want another bulky box to go on top of that for the sake of rolling dice.

Now imagine my surprise when I look through the store for All Rolled Up and see Dice Rolling Trays! A quick read up and these things are exactly what I was looking for and at a perfect price point.

So what Are they? Simply put they are a 203mm x 203mm square piece of wool felt (In 25 different colours) with a nice black faux leather backing and pop studs. These are foldable, rollable and easy to put together and take apart.

So a little info aside, lets have a look. I put an order in on Wednesday, t was dispatched same day! and arrived today. After ripping open the packaging like a child at Christmas (Yes I do this with everything I order online 😀 ) I was presented with a elegantly presented folded Mat with a checklist so you can double check you have the right one before opneing


Open it up and you get this:


Although the fold is quite visible, it quickly loses any noticeable visibility after it has been left flat for a few minutes.

Each corner has a pair of poppers, that easily go together to quickly transform this into a fully usable dice tray.


As for its usefulness, In X-Wing I can be rolling up to 6 dice at a time so this is easily usable for. As for Guild Ball I can be using around 15 dice at a time, so what better way to test it out than using double the number I require!


As you can see it can handle 30 dice more than comfortably! This is an absolute gem of a product and will most definitely save my rolling dice off of a table after it has bounced off of one of my models.

The final point to cover is price. These a very reasonably priced at £8 with £1.50 shipping (UK)

I know A few Guild Ball players are waiting on this verdict, so all that remains to say is this is a lovely product at a great price, what is not to like? Go and give these guys a look up –

TLDR – Great product go Buy it!!!!!

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