Dreadball play testing

Yesterday saw a bright early 6am start and completes 300 mile round trip to Mantic towers in Nottingham for a day of play testing with the rest of the pathfinders and some of the mantic team including Ronnie and jake.

The trial for the day being to have a play with the new season 3 teams and then later in the day have a crack on the multi team board.

I spent the day playing with the Zees and the easiest way you can describe these guys is bat shit crazy. I love these guys, purely because I get to foul. A LOT. They are a long way from being a game winning team but they are unpredictable and a good laugh.

The coach eagerly watching proceedings.

The coach eagerly watching proceedings.

Aside from playing we got to look at some of the upcoming models face to face and my they look nice. Especially the nameless. You can never have enough tentacles.







After each game there was plenty of debate as we discussed merits and drawbacks of particular teams, made adjustments and retested.


Finally we got let lose on the big board. This can be played with up to 6 teams and from what I played is very enjoyable and pretty hectic at times.

IMG_3189Overall it was great fun to play some Dreadball, meet the other pathfinders and have some input into a game that I really enjoy playing 🙂

If you guys keep an eye on http://www.quirkworthy.wordpress.com over the next few days you will soon see a post playtest surprise 😉


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