DreadBall Playtest Day AAR

Jake gives an after action report on today’s play testing session at Mantic Towers. A brilliant, insightful and fun day 🙂


Back from today’s playtest day at Mantic HQ. It was a healthy mixture of both laughter and deep discussion which made for a very entertaining and useful session. The teams are looking very good and each has its own character and tactical challenge as you will see shortly. I won’t tease you with more details as you’ll have the proper rules for each soon enough. What I will tease a bit is the multi-player game we had afterwards.

We had four games running in all, one each of 3, 4, 5 and 6 players. The testers were on their third game of the day by then, each playing with the same new season 3 team they’d had all along. By this stage they were well into the swing of their new side so they were able to cope with the anarchy of a multi-player bash. And what anarchy it was!…

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