Dreadball Roster Creator – How to use it

Over the last few days I have been making myself useful and pulling together a Dreadball Roster creator after a failed to find one that quite ticked the boxes that I wanted.

You can find the current version of the roster here

I figured I would also put together a helpful introduction so you can see what it is like before you download

When you first open the spreadsheet, you will be presented with this screen

Here you can select which team you wish to create from the drop down menu. When you select a race, both the starting Dice and cards are automatically generated in the greyed out section as highlighted below. You can also add extras using the white boxes to the right:

Using the drop down menus in Column D, you can select your roster. All players available to each race can be selected, once you do so all their stats and abilities will be generated as well as calculating your overall team value as you add and remove players.

When you have your roster sorted you can then go on and use this during your league. There are sections to add your XP awarding actions such as 3/4 pointers, kills etc. completing this section will give you your total XP as well as what your players level will be and increasing their value.

Once your player goes up a level, you can select the appropriate ability increase you were lucky or unlucky enough to have rolled. Everything available on season 1 and 2 tables are here. If you select a Stat increase, then your stat will automatically go up and any abilities will be added to players improvements column.

Whilst abilities can be increased, you can also suffer decreases to stats, the injury column will filter into the stats of your players and where increases are highlighted in green, any decreases are shown in red so that they are easy to pick out. In the below example, whilst 1 striker has been lucky enough to get a Strength increase, another was not so lucky and isn’t as strong.

Finally, there are a couple of fail safes built into the spreadsheet in case you forget your team limits. The spreadsheet will flag the following:

  • Too many of the same position being selected
  • Keepers being selected for non guard models
  • Too many coaches selected
  • Too many cheerleaders selected

That concludes this preview. I really hope this can be of use my fellow Dreadball players. I am constantly looking to update and improve this spreadsheet, so if you do spot any errors or have suggestions for improvement then please let me know

Until next time


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