Review – KR Aquilla 4

“KR – soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam!”

As many of my regular readers will know by now, KR Multicase are a UK based manufacturer and distributer of foamtrays and cases specifically designed for the wargaming community with an ever expanding range.

In this review I shall be looking at the Aquilla 4 case. This case I have owned for a number of years, however it is only recently that the penny dropped and I discovered that this case serves a purpose beyond purely holding models. At heart I am a bloodbowl player. I run and attend a number of these every year and regularly play in our groups open league.

The case itself is is the usual KR high quality with very good stitching that after 2 years of good use is still holding strong. The Aquilla 4 (A4) features an adjustable shoulder strap, sturdy plastic carry handle, gripped feet and a front pouch.

The A4 has zip double zips on the sides and a double velcro system to keep the front pouch secure. As I mentioned earlier, I am a bloodbowl player and when I want to pop to the club fora few games, I don’t want to be carrying around lots of stuff. The below images will show you how the A4 is the perfect size for a bloodbowl coach and just how much it can fit despite its size.

The Front pouch has enough space to fit my iPad, Blood Bowl pitch, 2x dugouts, a couple of pens and my templates

A quick unzip and you you will see that the A4 will fit 4 standard trays. In this layout it gives me 3 trays worth of teams. The 4th try I use to fit all the dice and counters I will possibly need for a tournament weekend or quick pick up game.

On top of this there is also amble room to fit in my paper rulebook and all the array of paperwork that I carry around with me. At this point it is worth noting that the back of the pouch is padded so that when you close the case up there are no hard surfaces connecting with the models that could potentially damage them.

Overall this is a fantastic case and with a new found lease of life this shall see even more use over the coming years.

2 responses to “Review – KR Aquilla 4

  1. A true accurate review. It is the single most important tool in my BloodBowl arsenal and never leave home ( for a bloodbowl related reason ) without it 🙂

    A nice little shameless LingLing plug as well 🙂

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