Crumb Bowl – Tournament Report

Last weekend, myself and a couple of the Bristol guys took a quick trip along the M4 to take part in Glowworms 1 day Bloodbowl tournament “Crumb Bowl”

Limitations were fairly simple, 1.1 million to spend on a team and then 5 skills (1 of which could be a double) to be added afterwards with no stacking aloud.

Having recently picked up an Orc team through the TFF forums I decided to use this as a challenge to get them painted up within a few weeks and elected to use these guys for the day. Having only recently started playing Orcs I set myself a target of a modest 1 Draw and 2 loses to be a successful day.

For the roster i went with:

4x Black Orcs with Guard
4x Blitzers
1x Thrower with Dodge
2x Line Orcs
Bomber Dribblesnot
1x Bribe
2x Re-rolls

The team fully painted. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute

Game 1 vs Footlight (Wood Elves)

Round 1 pairings were announced, and I had wood elves to contend with. Footlight had a nicely converted wood elf team made up of the GW fantasy range which also included a Treeman.

After winning the kick off roll I elected to receive and we set up. My tactics for the weekend were simple don’t worry about the score, smash my opponent into the ground, and when he doesn’t have many players left I can then pull back the deficit.

With the game kicked off I quickly put the plan into action and then very first block of the game saw one of footlights line elves stretchered off not to be seen for the rest of the game.  I loosely caged up, and spent the first half slowly moving up the pitch whilst throwing the Black Orcs into the thick of things and letting the blitzers doing all the hard work.

Towards the end of the first half, there were not many elves left on the field.

Footlight was really unlucky with his dice rolls with a constant stream of 1’s being rolled for crucial dodge rolls. This continued until turn 8 when I walked into the end zone and scored. Thankfully for Footlight though he made every one of his 7 KO rolls for the second half, but was still 4 players down as I kicked off.

The second half was the same as the first with the number advantages of the Orcs really showing. the numbers advantage really allowed me to not be overstretched and leaving gaps, with nowhere to go it was not long until I closed in on the Wood Elf ball carrier, send him off the pitch and run in for a turn 16 TD.

Final score 2-0

Game 2 vs Lunchmoney (Underworld)

Game 2 saw me against veteran coach lunch money. Lunchmoney was running an Underworld team with Skitter Stab Stab. Lunch won the dice roll and elected to receive and it took only 2 turns for me to make a stupid mistake in mis-calculating a block which meant rolling 1 dice instead of 2 and a gapping hole was created for skitter stab stab to waltz through and take an early 1-0 lead.

Things were going to get a lot worse before they got better as a kick off that went close to the line. Due to the slow speed of my players, I was not able to get enough bodies to the ball to protect it and another quick score saw me 2-0 down with only 4 turns on the clock. With things starting to take a turn for the worse I needed to get a few players off the pitch. I caged up and started walking down the right hand of the pitch whilst causing as many casualties as possible.

I was slowly making progress and a break came in Turn 8 as with no re-rolls my blitzer managed to 1 dice Skitter Stab Stab, kill him, dodge from a tackle zone and score to bring it to 2-1 at the end of the half.

As we set up for the second half things were starting to look up as the casualties were starting to mount up for the underworld team, and I quickly started by adding a few more to the pile. Again caging and walking down the pitch into the end zone, I managed to hold onto the ball and score with 3 turns left to make it 2-2

Whilst being down to 10 men, the underworld team were looking a little thin on the ground with only 5 players left. We set up and rolled riot, the clock went back 1 turn and played straight into my hands. Lunch held back and tried to stay away from the orcs but there were too many to contend with and it wasn’t long before the blitzers caught up, spilled the ball and ran it in for a T16 TD.

3-2 to me. The casualties really made the difference and this was an extremely close game in which I came out feeling like a robbed lunchmoney of what was a very even game.

Game 3 vs Diamond Joe Quimby (Undead)

I went into the final game on the top table face Diamond Joes Undead team. Considering what I was considering a successful day I was definitely feeling like I was punching above my weight.

I won the dice roll, elected to receive and the ball bounced straight to the line of scrimmage in front of my bomber. This half quickly turned into an all out brawl with me completely unable to break any armour. After running hot for 2 games they packed up and left me. Whilst very few casualties were scored I spent the majority of the first half on the floor and was unable to recover as Joe made a break away and scored towards the end of the first half.

As we went into the second half, I was having a bit more luck but couldn’t make a suitable hole to make a break.

My inexperience with Orcs quickly showed as I slightly over extended my line which allowed Joe to make a break and snatch the ball from my thrower and running in for a 2-0 touchdown. The remainder of the game was uneventful and despite the amount of armour rolls being made, only a few Casualties were scored.

Final score 2-0 Loss

So overall, I am extremely happy with my performance. Having only played 2 games with Orcs before this weekend I managed finish with 2 wins and a loss. I even managed to walk away with the Golden Maggot award, for being the highest placed rookie coach (3 or fewer NAF ranked tournaments) by finishing 5th out of 32 coaches on 32 points and only 2 points off from being 3rd.

This was a massively enjoyable tournament and Simon did a fantastic job in getting this running and I cannot wait until next year

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    I’ve always been very mixed towards Blood Bowl. As in I usually have to have a spirit and a mixer to enjoy it. However, Liam and his fellow Blood Bowl mentalists do make it all seem like rather good fun…

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