Review – Plastic Soldier Company Stug III

The Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) run by William Townshend are well on their way to becoming an established name in the WWII miniature world.  PSC specialise in Hard Plastic 15mm and 1/72 scale models and are quickly expanding their range to meet consumer needs.

I recently got my hands on a box of their 15mm German Stug III Assault Guns. Each box provides you with enough components to create 5 Stugs in 1 of 4 different configurations (F8, early G, late G or Sturmhaubitze 42) these alternative configurations range from slight differences to hulls to alternative gun barrels but provides you with a large area of flexibility.

Upon opening the box, you are confronted with 5 separate sprues and a double sided reference sheet. The reference sheet provides a simple assembly diagram on one side an a colour coded reference to help ensure you use the correct components for the desired configuration that you wish to assemble.

Upon closer look at the sprue, the sheer amounts of detail jumps out. Everything is crisp and clear and through close inspection I could see no deformities in the casting or any apparent bubbles. One thing I really like on these kits is the minimal amount of flashing or mould lines. On the one I have assembled so far there was a small amount of flash around both ends of the upper hull and a small section of mould lines on the lower hull, both were cleaned up in less than a minute with a hobby knife. With this in mind I must commend PSC on the high quality on each of these sprues.

After admiring the sprue it calls for one last test in the form of assembly. As per the instructions, the kit is very easy to put together. Despite there being a number of components for the tracks, they went together without encountering any problems. I have however put together a number of PSC kits with similar track designs so make sure you dry fit the wheels and tracks before applying any glue as it is possible to fit them incorrectly.

My only concern during assembly was on the 4 wheels on the track assembly and the MG42 for the top of the hull. These are very fragile especially the MG42 which was in danger of snapping as I was clipping it off of the sprue. Thankfully it stayed together but I would urge you to air on the side of caution when removing these 5 pieces.

In comparison to a Battlefront equivalent these kits stack up very well and side by side they are very similar in size and once painted they would fit in perfectly well on the table.

Overall I think that this kit is brilliant, from the overall high quality, ease of assemble and cleverness of allowing you to build this in 4 separate ways means that this kit is well worth considering especially when you consider the price. 5 Stugs from Battlefront will cost you £35.00 whereas the PSC models will set you back only £17.50. Great value for money.

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