West Waaagh United – Finished

Da Ammers

After a few weeks of solid paintIng, West Waaagh united is now fully painted and ready to smash their opponents to pieces. After taking to the field at Crumb Bowl on their maiden Tournament, the Claret and Waaagh will make sure that if they do not win the game they will damn well win the fighting!
Fat Sam da Gobbo is still looking to strengthen the team and has recently acquired the services of Killing Cole da Troll, the big thing will give sam the much needed pace. Rumours are also ripe with Sam bringing in a few unkown Goblins to give Cole some much needed target practice at the barn door training facility.

Only time will tell whether Sam can do any good with the Waaagh’s. His previous managerial exploits do not bode well. A practice match against a team of touring Ogres saw the entire halfing team of Blackbuns killed inside the opening drive ending fat Sams first management roll very quickly.

Still the fans have high hopes.

The team in all it’s glory


Black Orcs


Thrower, Ugroth, Goblin and Dribblesnot

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