Bristol Dreadball Tournament – Results

The party is over and the curtain has been drawn on a successful Dreadball tournament today that saw 14 eager coaches battling it out to be crowned winner of the Bristol Regional heat.

The turnout today was fantastic and with 13 players I jumped in as a stand in to even it out and ensure everyone got a game.


The tournament was a standard affair with starting teams + 20mc using the new Ball launch rules and Judwan speed change to a 4+

In the End though, the tournament was one by Sebatian


CJ was the proud winner of the metal spoon


Overall today was a great day and it was good to see a bigger turnout to a Dreadball tournament, the recently tinkered Dreadball Tournament Tool worked a treat as well 🙂 which made running the event almost effortless.

With another one planned for late January 2014 I am hoping we can smash the 20 player mark.

Full Standings


Round Results

Round-1 Round-2 Round-3 Round-4 Round-5


4 responses to “Bristol Dreadball Tournament – Results

  1. Top day mate. Can’t believe games 3 & 4 went so badly for me 😦 I’ll work out those void sirens soon and spank their little bottoms.

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