Kings of War Werewolves – complete

Things have been a bit quiet on the painting front lately haven’t they 😦

Well through the joys of work being an arse and all spare time being taken up with wedding preparations and dreadball demo’s finding modelling time is proving difficult. However stuff is getting done. Just under a month ago I was lucky enough to visit Mantic HQ  and take part in some pathfinder only season 3 play-testing. One of the other perks of being a pathfinder is that occasionally Mark will ask us a question to choice between 2 sets of models and then go and paint them

In this instance I chose some gorgeous Kings of War Werewolves.

These are some very nice models and despite only getting a few minutes here and there to assemble and paint them, they were a joy to do 🙂

BOlve6YCAAIyVGv.jpg large

BOrfJiOCYAAcqsK.jpg large

BPZlxT_CcAA3RFy.jpg large


Now that these guys are done I can start focusing on the mountain of items in my ever growing painting queue (Which is in the process of being downsized) but fingers crossed the next painting update will not be a whole month away.

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