2016 Hobby Goals

So another year and another set of hobby goals for me to fail at miserably no doubt.

2015 saw me pretty much fail everyone of my hobby goals for various reasons πŸ™‚


So what were my goals?

So what is in store with 2015.

1) Enjoy my gaming more, stop focusing on mistakes and putting myself down – This didn’t really happen considering my meltdown in the summer
2) Assemble the stuff I have (FOW, Mars Attacks, Relic Knights, Deadzone, DBX, Malifaux) – NOPE
3) Paint my Von Schill Crew for Mai Feng – SOLD
4)Paint my FOW Panzer Lehr Army – 2 Years unpainted is too long – SOLD
5) Stick to Core Systems (X-Wing, Malifaux, Dust, FOW) – Kind of stuck to I guess,
6) Update the blog more often!!! – NOPE 😦

So where did it all go wrong?Β Work and life are usually the key factors as they always are, however I got through points last year where i just honestly couldn’t be fucked. The whole hobby butterfly reached a point where I just could be bothered with anything. I had too much stuff and never enough time or willing people to play with. However some positive from Last year though.

  1. I ran a LOT of events. The ones I can remember takes my tally to over 25 events. 16 of those were X-Wing. Running lots of events however meant I couldn’t play in as many events
  2. I played a LOT of X-Wing, I even went across to Denmark to play in the Nordic nationals which was great fun. I am even involved in the Team England ETC selection committee
  3. I sold a lot of stuff of. A Massive Cull so to say
  4. Guild Ball took off!
  5. DUST and Battlefront / Dust studios completely bullshit handling of the Kickstarter affair meant I wiped my hands clean of both companies selling off all my DUST and FOW stuff. I don’t want to support companies that show that level of disrespect to their customers
  6. I jumped on the gaming weight loss band wagon, joined Slimming World and lost 3 Stone πŸ™‚

So all in all, not a bad year really. There has been some serious hobby reflection over the last few months. Driven partly by lack of enthusiasm at times and what I want from the hobby and largely because I am going to be a Dad πŸ˜€ As a result I really have to consider what it is I want from the hobby as I will have a seriously limited amount of free time. So what will this mean for 2016.

Gaming Stick to the following core games:

  1. Guild Ball
  2. X-Wing
  3. Game of Thrones 2nd Edition LCG
  4. Warhammer Conquest LCG
  5. Board Games

This should be fairly easy for once as if it’s not on this list, I sold it off, with the exception of Malifaux. I love this game even if I find it easier to get a handjob from a unicorn than find a regular opponent


  1. Finish my X-Wing repaints – I have a handful of Ships I want to repaint (Poe X-wing, Kath Firespray)
  2. Paint all of my Guild Ball
    1. Butchers
    2. Brewers
    3. Masons


  1. Run fewer events. I do like running events even if it means I get to play less, however with a baby on the way in June my time will be limited and I will want to be playing in those rare moments
  2. Update the sodding blog. I have stuff to contribute to it I just need to pull my finger out. It’s easier not to when you know nobody will read it but still I need to get back into the habit, as only a handful of updates last year was a joke.

So that should pretty much do it I think. Even by my standards I should be able to make that work.


I Hope….

One response to “2016 Hobby Goals

  1. You can do it, we believe πŸ™‚

    Think last year we saw a lot of people hit the wall with the hobby, we are too spoilt for choice at the moment. This has probably been due to KS and a lot of them completing last year (some v late).

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