Bendy Boards Mob Football Perspex Team Board – Review

Today I was fortunate to get a sneak peak into one of the new products hot of the cutter from those wonderful chaps at bendy boards. For those of you that don’t know who these guys are, they produce a series of MDF and perspex terrain, and accessories for games such as Malifaux, Guild Ball and others.  Their ‘Mob Football’ range provides a nice alternative for tokens that you would use.

However they also produce a range of team boards. I already have a set of these for my malifaux and X-Wing adventures, and now they have a range that fit perfectly for Guild Ball. These come in both MDF and as of next week (12th October 2015) in perspex. If you wish to see what the MDF trays look like then go check out Bear’s review here.

So this afternoon I returned home to find a nice padded envelope. Upon opening I was greeted with this beauty!


As you can see the board arrives flat packed, for ease of shipping. As a result it requires a little bit of assembly.


This assembly process is so easy, instructions are not needed. All pieces come in a protective sheet on both sides, that simply peels off


Once everything is unwrapped it’s simply a case of putting it together. I recommend a quick dry fit, however you can assemble this in under a minute. Unlike the MDF boards that fit together quite snuggly and are not required to be glued (although recommended) You will need to use glue to assemble this board. A small amount of super glue used sparingly is more than sufficient.


And bingo in true Blue Peter fashion here’s one I assembled earlier.  You will notice from the second picture that the central tray has a series of rings visible. Due to the nature of Guild Ball, you can utilise the use of a number of 40mm and soon 50mm models. These board allows for those rings to pop out, so that you can easily adapt your board to fit in any extra players. Only want to use 30mm players fine, leave all the rings in, want a 40mm model, then remove the inner ring only. It’s a very simple concept but makes life incredibly easy.


Once all assembled, this tray holds everything without issue, with room in the left for all my dice and tokens and all my required models, this is a perfect addition to any Guild Ball players accessory list, whether it be for game nights or tournaments I highly recommend it.

These tray are available now in MDF and will be available in Perspex (Solid Black, solid white, solid green, solid blue, solid yellow, solid purple and solid red) from Monday 12th October Priced £15 (+£1 for personalisation)

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