Guild Ball Morticians

So here I am again opening up a blog post with I am not dead, blah, blah, not posted in a while, blah, blah.

Turns out real life can sometimes just get the better of you. Thankfully however I have actually been doing hobby in the background, which will follow in a separate post.

My main piece of work over the past few weeks / months has been on guildball and slowly but surely painting up my morticians. These models are gorgeous, but have so much detail it can be a bit daunting if you are struggling for inspiration. Which no surprise is what happened to me, however a few weeks ago. BANG inspiration struck and I smashed pretty much all of below in a few days. Which is really unusual for me..

So anyway, onto the painted stuff.

Obulus - Front

Obulus – Front

Obulus - Rear

Obulus – Rear

Dirge - Rear

Dirge – Rear

Dirge - Front

Dirge – Front

Casket - Front

Casket – Front

Casket - Rear

Casket – Rear

Fangtooth - Front

Fangtooth – Front

Fangtooth - Rear

Fangtooth – Rear

Ghast - Front

Ghast – Front

Ghast - Rear

Ghast – Rear

Grave - Front

Grave – Front

Grave - Rear

Grave – Rear

Mist - Front

Mist – Front

Mist Rear

Mist Rear

Cosset - Front

Cosset – Front

Cosset Rear

Cosset Rear

Rage - Front

Rage – Front

Rage - Rear

Rage – Rear

Silence - Front

Silence – Front

Silence - Rear

Silence – Rear

Mortician Goal - Front

Mortician Goal – Front

Mortician Goal - Rear

Mortician Goal – Rear

Mortician Group Shot

Mortician Group Shot




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