Custom Guild Ball Mat

Guild Ball has finally started shipping. I’m a sucker for a good sports based tabletop game, so I jumped all over GB when it hit Kickstarter. Now it’s nearly here, I figured I would try my hand at trying to photoshop my own pitch. Now whilst the game doesn’t have a set pitch, and it is fairly open for terrain, I wanted to design a mat that would fit into my Bendy Board.

After the success of my various X-Wing designs I got printed from I had pulled a design together to get it printed. Pixart are a printing service and are bloody cheap. They regularly do various offers and prices vary from £4 to £9 for a delivered 3ft x 3ft PVC vinyl mat!

Now the X-Wing mats were easy, find a super high def space image and resize. This project meant delving into effects and textures and doing everything from scratch. Given how little i know on Photoshop I am really please with how this has come out 😀


Now I know the Guildball guys will be releasing a cool swanky mat pretty soon and I will most definitely be getting one, however with this option will allow me to order several for use in future tournaments I am considering running.

So for those that wish to use this and get one printed themselves, here are a few instructions for you 🙂

Dropbox link to image –

Link to order –

Options you will need to change:

  • Quantity – 1 or higher
  • Width – 91.44
  • Height – 91.44
  • Delivery window – For cheapest price select the right hand most option (Cheapest option) Will arrive in around 10 days

Once you order you will need to upload the artwork to them, you will need to download the above .tiff file and upload it using their tool.

A few things to note. Although this is a UK company, it is printed and posted from Italy via courier (I believe it’s TNT, so don’t be surprised when you suddenly get a shipping notification from Italy). The mats will be pretty slippery for the first few uses. The more you use them the less slippery they become.

As you can see from the below pictures, I have had quite a few bits printed for X-Wing and club promotional items 😀

Anyway, I hope people find this useful 🙂

Right, now back to staring out of the window for the postman to deliver my Guild Ball Models

12 responses to “Custom Guild Ball Mat

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  2. Thank you for the image and the instructions! 🙂 I now have a great looking GuildBall mat freshly arrived!

  3. Hello,

    Could i ask you to share the hi-rez GB logo you used for the image? Or even the .psd so we can customize it?


  4. I ordered 2 of these and they arrived yesterday and I am very happy with the quality. Arrived rolled up, and I folded them up to put them in my bag. When I got to the store to play they unfolded and went flat quite nicely. No issues with the corners rolling, or the surface being too slippery. Really happy with the print job. I don’t know how well they will hold up after a year of folding and use, but I’m really happy with the product.
    Thank you.

      • I am considering the possibilities of more. Larger boards for Dreadball, mats for Frostgrave, Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander, or just printing out long thin strips of roads to have reconfigurable cities.

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