To Infinity And Beyond

So a few days into 2015 and I have swayed from my resolutions lol. Anyway, screw it, I don’t care.

Infinity is something that I have had my eye on for a long time. The Anime / Mecha feel is a style I really like and with some gorgeous looking models, I was all over it until I read the rules and I quickly stepped back and played other things. With the release of N3, I have decided to jump in with both feet. Fellow Vanguard member and local Infinity Warcor has started an escalation league.

This is proving to be the perfect time to get involved. A few demo games in, and I can see the game has a lot of potential. It’s a weird system, from the perspective that it is vastly different from everything else I have played, but this isn’t a bad thing. I shall be playing a few games over the next week and I will be aiming to get at least 1 battle report done with pictures.

In order to get this painted, Pete will be running a post league tournament and every player who has a fully painted and based 300pt force will be entered into a raffle to win some free stuff. Now who doesn’t want free stuff?

So. What did I get???



Wish me luck!


4 responses to “To Infinity And Beyond

  1. Welcome and good luck!
    I’m a Combined player myself, and hopefully you’ll learn soon enough what ‘getting Sepsitorized’ means (it’s fun! Trust me! *shifty Xenos eyes*), and you’ll have the pleasure of getting stuck with an Adhesive Gun and having your face eaten by an Aswuang…
    …Who’s basically an Alien Lizard who enjoys eating faces.

    Infinity is awesome.

  2. I’m hoping to get more Infinity in this year myself! Now with N3 out (and lots of welcome changes), I look forward to putting my Tohaa and fledgling Haqqislam forces onto the table more often!

  3. I have that slightly bemused feeling when you realise that someone who’s been into a game system for only a few days already owns more models than you do.

    Yu Jing are a great choice, I look forward to hearing about your exploits!

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