It’s a new hobby year

So another year has past and it’s time for the annual tradition of looking back and planning ahead.

To go back to 2014 it was both incredibly shit and really rewarding. The first thing I did was look at my hobby goals I set out last year….. That was a mistake

In 2014 I shall fully paint and base:
*Kow – ogre army – 2000pts plus FAIL
*Fow – 2000pt british armoured recce company 75% done still a FAIL
*Fow – 1500pt british infantry tank company FAIL
*Fow – 2500pt panzer grenadier lehr company FAIL
*Deadzone – all 6 factions FAIL
*Dreadball – nameless and teraton teams plus their big guys. FAIL
*40k – 1000pt salamanders army FAIL
*Relic knights – if it ever turns up FAIL

That’s a scary amount of failure, even worse when you consider my day job is a project manager!

So where did it all go wrong? Well for a large chunk of last year I was in a bit of a funk, post Honeymoon blues, work was shit and I ended up in a bit of a downward funk. I wasn’t enjoying anything. Our second successive gaming store closed down, in very annoying circumstances, and I was close to giving everything up. I dropped a series of systems completely due to lack of enjoyment or ability to get games, which saw a HUGE cull.

40k – Gone
Warmahordes – GONE
Bloodbowl – 90% GONE
Relic Knights – 75% GONE

One thing that did take me out of this funk was Malifaux, I enjoyed this game from the moment it came out and was quite heartbroken when Cut and Thrust closed it’s doors pretty much killing the local scene, with only a few regular players it made life hard to play but with perseverance and just attending tournament on my own, which is fun when you do at times have mild social anxiety in new crowds allowed me to enjoy my hobby again. The twitter community has been great in helping out as well. With this in mind I made it a 2015 mission to expand the local Malifaux scene, firstly by running my own event which at present is very nearly sold out.

Mostly I want to strip back my systems and focus on a core few and try not to be such a damned magpie. Towards the end of 2014 I finally moved into my own House, no more Renting 😀 During packing up the flat i realised just how much un-assembled stuff I have lying around the place….

So what is in store with 2015.

1) Enjoy my gaming more, stop focusing on mistakes and putting myself down

2) Assemble the stuff I have (FOW, Mars Attacks, Relic Knights, Deadzone, DBX, Malifaux)

3) Paint my Von Schill Crew for Mai Feng

4)Paint my FOW Panzer Lehr Army – 2 Years unpainted is too long

5) Stick to Core Systems (X-Wing, Malifaux, Dust, FOW)

6) Update the blog more often!!!

To stay on track I will look to revisit this list in the summer and take stock and kick myself up the arse when needed


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