Race to Paint for GT – I DID IT :-)

Yep, you read that correctly. I finished a project!!! I’ve not been able to say that for a while now have I. So in just over a month I have managed to get all the models painted that I wanted to use for the Malifaux GT. At the start I was considering running Lucius as dual faction, however thanks to Wyrd making it damned near impossible for me to get any of the guild models I needed, I decided to focus on pure Neverborn. The only model missing is a black blood shaman, which the wonderful Joel is lending me 😀

20141106_145052 20141106_145139 20141106_145206 20141106_145257 20141106_145234


Overall I am happy with getting everything done. There are a few bits I will go back and revisit to properly finish of the paint jobs, such as the prim magic and Teddy. With doing all this though, I have taken my malifaux collection to nearly 50% completed 🙂 Which I think is a record for me as well lol. I am slowly but surely getting there.



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