The Race to paint for the GT – Update

So it is approaching the mid way point in my challenge to have everything painted in time for the Malifaux GT in November and I have reached the halfway point model wise of what I want to take 😀

There has been a slight change in direction in that after many horrible games where I was spanked hard I am focusing Lucius on being pure Nephilim. None of this Guild rubbish. Aside from games going wrong, A big deciding factor was the lack of stock availability at the moment. It’s proving to be a right pain in the arse to get anything that is not the new plastics at the moment.

So where am I at the moment?



And Whats left to paint?



So some steady progress at the moment. There are some bits that I want to go back and tidy up / redo including the first illuminated’s skin, but that can wait until everything else is painted. Considering I am rushing through a lot of this I am quite pleased with the progress I am making. I did end up picking up the Zoraida box for some Silurid’s so I have yet more models added to the collection, however I am really in the zone for painting at the moment, so succeed or fail, this challenge has at least got me doing what I need to do. The last time I attempted a challenge was for Kings of War and that did the complete opposite. (Stupid restic)




2 responses to “The Race to paint for the GT – Update

  1. Looking nice. I’ll keep an eye out for these at the GT. Any chance of a close-up on Mr Tannen and Mr Graves? I like the look of the colour of their waistcoats.

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