The Race to paint for the GT – Update

So it is approaching the mid way point in my challenge to have everything painted in time for the Malifaux GT in November and I have reached the halfway point model wise of what I want to take ๐Ÿ˜€

There has been a slight change in direction in that after many horrible games where I was spanked hard I am focusing Lucius on being pure Nephilim. None of this Guild rubbish. Aside from games going wrong, A big deciding factor was the lack of stock availability at the moment. It’s proving to be a right pain in the arse to get anything that is not the new plastics at the moment.

So where am Iย at the moment?



And Whats left to paint?



So some steady progress at the moment. There are some bits that I want to go back and tidy up / redo including the first illuminated’s skin, but that can wait until everything else is painted. Considering I am rushing through a lot of this I am quite pleased with the progress I am making. I did end up picking up the Zoraida box for some Silurid’s so I have yet more models added to the collection, however I am really in the zone for painting at the moment, so succeed or fail, this challenge has at least got me doing what I need to do. The last time I attempted a challenge was for Kings of War and that did the complete opposite. (Stupid restic)




2 responses to “The Race to paint for the GT – Update

  1. Looking nice. I’ll keep an eye out for these at the GT. Any chance of a close-up on Mr Tannen and Mr Graves? I like the look of the colour of their waistcoats.

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