Joelfaux – AAR – how to spit your dummy out and annoy people

Last weekend I took the lonely trip to Coalville to lay some games of malifaux. Being a malifaux player in Bristol rally sucks at the moment as there are only a small handful of players and despite our best efforts, our diaries rarely align to enable game to be played.

Despite my last game being at deliverance in June, I decided to go it alone and jump into the deep end.

Joelfaux was essentially a 2 day event that was split into separate 1 day tournaments. Day 1 was a story encounter following a Star Wars theme and day 2 was a straight forward 4 round ranked tournament.

day 1

Day 1 started with an early wake up call and the drive from Bristol. After registering, we were placed. Into 2 different teams, of empire and the alliance with differing strategies we had to accomplish. Success / failure lead to various different possible outcomes later on in the day.

Game 1 saw we play henchmen “the new noob stomper” lee

The game required me to get into lees deployment zone and claim 3 people set scheme markers, easy enough right. Well fairly open terrain and lee having 2 trappers meant Cassandra was down to 1 wound the end of turn one and mech rider down to 4. Turn 2 both died and Howard died straight away. At this point it was hide as much as possible. I managed to claim 2 of the markers I managed to only lose by 1 point. This was a really enjoyable game, mainly because me and lee spent most of the game having a chat and lee was really good in giving me pointers to help me out. Luck was shafting me on cards (which would prove to be a common theme throughout the weekend)

Game 2 – Dave

So next game and it was rescue the henchman, against David, who I think might be clousseau. The objective was interact with a cell in the centre of the board, rescue my henchman and get him back to my deployment. Davies, was to stop that. With Howard having nimble and imbued energies and subsequently reactivate through my brass arachnid, that proved difficult. David was playing seamus, and throwing lure actions around like crazy, with the lack of Bristol scene, I have not played against many masters, so this was a surprise and it threw me, and this is where the weekend started going down hill. It put me off, my head went down and I started moaning. At the time I didn’t think much of it. The game meandered on with joss getting away and being lured back. With schemes I waked out a 1 point win but didn’t secure the strategy.

Game 3 – vs ?

The final game was all about killing the tyrant stone before it got into position to destroy malifaux. Each rebel player had a fated player who could do a single 0 action to treat all severe damage flips as red joker. The reason, only a red joker damage flip can kill the stone in melee.

I was up against Molly, and this was by far the most unenjoyable game I have had for several reasons. Aside from bad cards for all but final game being unable to summon more than 2 spiders, it was slow, cumbersome. My activation would last 30 seconds and then I would have a 10-20 minute wait whilst a million and one things happened that went straight over my head.

My head goes down, I start moaning about cards, feeling dejected, why did I bother, blah blah blah. All my hard hitters died or left on one wound, and then the final activation I decided to throw a spider at the stone, and lucked a red joke damage to win the game, and then the light bulb moment.

I am a whiny moany childish twat.

I’ve not been able to think anything other than that since Saturday. Hell it even kept me awake most of last night.

One of my biggest annoyances is I cannot hide emotions, it causes me problems at work as work, but on a hobby I enjoy this causes problems. I do want to say that the tournament scene in malifaux is fantastic, and easily the friendliest scene I have been around, but these don’t mix.

I spoke on Saturday night and spent most of Saturday and Sunday apologising, being told don’t worry you are not as bad as some people and it’s fine, but this in itself worries me.

I don’t want to be THAT guy that people don’t want to play, because he’s a whiny prick. It genuinely worries me.

I know I moan, I know I can be childish but I don’t know how to stop. I know there are people worse. He’ll the weekend before I threw a game of bloodbowl I was comfortably winning because I truly thought that if one more thing went my way that my opponent was going to lean over and punch me. Scarier I told my opponent afterwards, and they admitted they probably would have… I don’t think I would ever get to that level of raging.

I’m anxious enough at the best of times about mixing in new groups, especially when travelling alone, and it’s a horrible feeling to have at the back of my head. I want to keep trying to work through it and try to not do it, but not knowing how is also leading to my head wanting to take the easy route and just pull out of all the tournaments I have signed up to.

I am am really stuck and don’t know what to do šŸ˜¦

So for those that got this far, I am sorry for rambling and leading you here on false pretences of a proper tournament write up. For those who I interacted with at the weekend, I am sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s weekend.

So what’s next for the hobby front? I honestly don’t know


2 responses to “Joelfaux – AAR – how to spit your dummy out and annoy people

  1. Liam,

    I’ll try and get a night free when you’re down the club and we can have a chat. Sadly this week I’m getting hammered by work so not getting anything sorted but will try for next week.

    First off, being at an event on your own and having to brood on such things isn’t that helpful, getting it out and chatting is the best thing (which youve clearly done).

    I’d like to think I’m pretty good about this, I largely don’t care about my games, it’s just an excuse to get out the house and socialise on the whole. But that said I had my own rage issues at the last Warhammer event I went to, so it happens to everyone. Trick is how you manage it.

    Also worth noting there is a big difference between ‘that guy’ and what you’re describing. Sure you got a face on and had a right whinge about your luck. It can happen to all of us. ‘That guy’ goes beyond that though and you’re not there from what I’ve seen.

  2. Of course, I (almost certainly) haven’t met you, but I would say that if you are concerned about your behaviour then you’ve taken the first step to not repeating it. Next time you’re gaming and feel that you’re having a bad game or complaining unduly, just remember this moment and choose to smile, get your head back up and enjoy the game. Remember that for every time when everything goes terribly wrong for you, it has got terrifically well for the other player; let them enjoy their victory cleanly.

    Otherwise, it sounds like you had a couple of fun games.

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