Change afoot on the hobby front!

So I have finally made some big changes recently on the hobby front and ditched warmachine and 40k. With numerous failed attempts to getwarmachine running consistently in Bristol I have thrown the towel in and sold off my stuff.

As for 40k, I have just lost the love. I thought 7th edition may have helped but alas no. However good news. They have been replaced by some new things. Well I say new i’ve been sat on them for a few months but without further ado heres a quick recap of things

1) Holy shit Relic Knights arrived!

Yep CMON stopped dicking us EU folk around and delivered. Some of my stuff is missing however 😦 It hasn’t stopped me from assembling my Black diamond bits which were all complete. The quality is hit and miss though, whilst the large bits are easy to clean up and a joy to assembl the smaller models are a bitch. Restic is horrible to work with on small models where the mould lines obscure detail 😦

20140831_213331 IMG_20140831_200904

2) Saga

A few of us have gotten into Saga recently and I’m due to have my first game next week. Having opted for Jomsvikings I picked up the 4pt starter set and the first port of call was to swap out the poor metal cast spears and use brass rod instead. I am really looking forward to playing this and I guess how much I enjoy post game will determine how quickly they get painted lol. So far these are based and undercoated.

IMG_20140811_115327 20140811_182431 IMG_20140810_183424

3) Malifaux

Deliverance helped me get the malifaux bug back hard. Which is great as this is one of if not my favourite game system alongside flames of war. As a result of deliverance I am signed up to Joelfaux, GT, Vappanappadingdong and I am running my own tournament in February next year. I found a helpful tracker to keep track of all my newly acquired models (Quite a lot!!!) and I am hoping to start cracking on with painting them all very soon

20140831_213102 IMG_20140902_212453 IMG_20140905_213953 MalifauxModelupdate060914


4) Custom Dreadball Pitches

As I work on getting more and more custom stuff for our club, we now have 2 custom pitch designs 🙂

Dreadball_Sports_Field_Pitch_Liam_28x14 Dreadball_Street_Pitch_28x14_Liam


So that’s everything for the moment. Now hopefully I can get some more content up on here especially with me attending a fair few tournaments over the coming months.


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