Dungeon Saga – Dwarf King’s Quest

Next week will see Mantic’s next Kickstarter go live in the form of Dwarf Kings Quest.

Shiny new box art

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that bothered before I attended the pathfinder day, but after sitting down with Ronnie and Jake for a few hours, I am now quite excited. I am I big fan of the Descent style games, but Descent in itself does get quite annoying at times.

The models themselves look absolutely gorgeous, and unfortunately I am not allowed to share the photos I have taken, however here are a few stock pics.

Ronnie recently spent some time to talk to the chaps at Beasts of War where he spills some secrets on what to expect including the book of depravity (Final name TBC) which frankly is my favorite part of the whole thing πŸ˜€

As for the tiles. They will be full of detail and the same quality and thickness of FFG Descent tiles πŸ™‚

Hints have been made as well for potential Plastic tiles as a stretch goal, however with the cost implications that stretch goal will be pretty damned hard to achieve.



3 responses to “Dungeon Saga – Dwarf King’s Quest

  1. ronnie remains one of the most engaging people to hear talk about his work in the gaming industry. Shame we couldn’t see your pics as what was shown there looks nice.

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