Dreadball – Meet the Z’zorlanders

Having been in a half completed state for the best part of 6 months, I finally pulled my finger out and got to finishing these. The main reason as I want to play these at the upcoming Tyrant Bowl in Wales in a few weeks time. This is being run by one of Mantic’s new pathfinders, and I am eager to give him some support so 4 of us are cramming into a tiny Vauxhall Corsa to make the 2hr 30 journey to deepest darkest Wales šŸ™‚

The Z'Zorlanders

The Z’Zorlanders

I love these guys, Whilst they have strikers, they are very poor and more of a liability half of the time. Once the Jacks get some XP and skills the dynamics of this team quickly turn around and they become a different team all together. Get +1 Skill and you have a scoring machine, Stretch and that slide becomes much more reliable. As I mentioned these guys will be going to Wales with me so stay tuned for a tournament report in a few weeks time.


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