Gert Bowl 4 – The Results


So the dust has settled on another year of GertBowl. Despite the ball aches on the run up to it this was the most enjoyable Gert Bowl yet. Thanks to everyone who came, the venue turned out to be fantastic 🙂

Shout out to the special spanner of the event award which goes to J_Bone for leaving the event to travel back home to Derby and leaving his team behind! Well played sir.

Big thanks to:
Loki – for helping with picking a new venue and helping with badgering people with getting all 24 teams
Tom – Helping out over the weekend
Everyone – for actually coming!

Wooden Spoon – Dreamscreator (Goblins)


Most Touchdowns – Hung (Amazons)


Most Casualties – Ol’Dirty (Chaos Pact)


Best Stunty – Loki (Underworld)


International Glowworm award – Charon (Humans)


Runner Up – Hawca (Orcs)


Winner – Dionysion (Skaven)


 Final Standings – Gert Bowl 4 – Final Results



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