Cassandra finished & Deliverance tournament report

Cassandra is nw finished. She was delivered on Thursday and painted in a day in a race to be ready for this weekends Malifaux tournament. She was done in time, but I never ended up using her lol.


The tournament I attended was Deliverance at Firestorm games. Apologies but I didn’t take any notes during the weekend as only having played 3 games before the tournament I needed to focus on remembering the rules and not playing to slow. I did however remember my results and opposing masters:

Game 1 – 6-1 Lose against Wong. Wong is horrible and so is Sammy. Sammy making Howard and Joss unable to move sucked hard and through me completely.

Game 2 – 8-6 Lose to Wong. Only 2 gremlin players and I get Wong 2 games in a row. I learnt mistakes from game 1 but stupidly took distract and left it to late to try and distract other models. At which point it was too late as I killed everything…

Game 3 – 9-3 Win against Lady J. Recon with spider spam went in my favour

Game 4 – 6-4 Lose against Hoffman. A very enjoyable game and I lost out narrowly due to Hoffman being able to distract models quicker than I could undistract them. I was in a position to get a draw but the 1 card would have stopped it from happening. (Black Joker) And guess what came out… 😦

Game 5 – 4-3 Lose to Lillith. Another very Enjoyable game to my vote for most sporting. Mr Rich T biscuit 😉 Despite the lose. I threw the game away as I forgot to activate 1 final model before we called time which would have walked and claimed me 2 VP for outflank 😦

Still it was a very enjoyable event, I was gutted to have not made the final 4 for best painted but still with only 3 games under my belt I managed to finish 13th out of 20 which I am chuffed to bits with seeing as my expectation was to lose them all. I am not sure what I am more chuffed about, winning a game or having lost 3 of my games by only 1 or 2 points.

Still I have plenty of malifaux to look forward to, having signed up to joelfaux in September and the GT in November. With limited opponents in Bristol I will need to get plenty of Vassal practice in.

Oh and in typical Liam fashion, it wouldn’t be a trip to a gaming store if there wasn’t a hobby haul 😀

  • Resin bases for neverborn models
  • blue paints and white primer
  • Some red bases for my X-Wing models
  • A few knight models for painting
  • Basing flock
  • Most importantly some new paint brushes to replace those utter shite G&G brushes



3 responses to “Cassandra finished & Deliverance tournament report

  1. Well done on the result. I’m in a similar position going in to a tournament at The Outpost in early July having played my third game today.
    I also played Distract today and it’s a lot harder than it seems to get them to stick.
    It’s a beautifully layered game this and I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

  2. Nice tournament report. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, and things like forgetting to Distract at the right time will really help you to remember for the next games.

    The painting on Cassandra is lovely and smooth, great work.

    • Thanks, the tournament was great fun and I learnt a lot. There is a massive sub game with balancing the schemes and strategies whilst managing your opponent. Unfortunately I failed but every game saw an improvement, with exception to the last where a complete brain fart cost me the game and 2 places lol

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