Malifaux Battle Report – 50SS Ramos v Tara

Yesterday myself and fellow club mate James had a practice game in preparation for Deliverance in a few weeks time. It was much needed as both of us, despite having played for many years have barely played recently and have managed only a handful of M2E games between us.

Ramos — 5 Pool

+Arcane Reservoir [2]
+Combat Mechanic [2]
+Electric Summoning [1]

Brass Arachnid [4]
Electrical Creation [4]
Howard Langston [12]
Joss [10]
+Open Current [1]
Steam Arachnid [4]
Steam Arachnid [4]
Steam Arachnid [4]

Tara — 6 Pool

+Eternal Journey [1]
+Knowledge of Eternity [2]
+Obliteration Symbiote [2]

Bishop [10]
+Oath Keeper [1]
Hans [8]
+Oath Keeper [1]
The Nothing Beast [10]
+Oath Keeper [1]
Void Wretch [4]
Void Wretch [4]
Void Wretch [4]



+Plant Evidence –  James
+Plant Explosives – Liam
+Distract – James
+Outflank – Liam
+A Line In The Sand

The keen eyed among you will notice that we have an incorrect set of schemes. Not sure how we managed it, but I only noticed whilst typing this up.



James announces “Plant Evidence” and wins initiative flip. Tara buries Bishop and advances towards my right flank. This bury slightly threw me as it put me in the predicament of not being able to activate the electrical creation and blow it up leaving Ramos out in the open with a rather angry looking Bishop. so instead I activated my brass arachnid puts reactivate onto Howard. Hans took a shot at Howard causing moderate damage and slowing it down. I placed a scheme marker with one of my soon to be many arachnids on the central right building. The void Wretch’s deployed on my right both advanced into the building on my right whilst in between Howard activated and steam clouded. A mistake was made here as I had it in my head that reactive only happened right at the very end, not when you feel like it so I mistakenly left Howard out in the open. I push one of my arachnids up the right flank, the nothing beast tries to obliterate my lone left flank arachnid but fails and the arachnid places a scheme marker. The void wretch advances to join the nothing beast leaving Joss to advance and place a scheme marker near the right building.

Tara reactivates and un-buries Bishop has a shot at Howard dealing 1 damage before disappearing back to her deployment. Bishop drops a scheme marker, then tries to charge at Howard but fails his Terrifying test. Ramos now clear of Bishop blows up the electrical creation and creates 2 arachnids. Howard decapitates Bishop in one fell swoop and then advances up the middle with the 2 newly created Arachnids in tow. At the end of the turn I reveal Plant Explosives and score 3 VP

Liam 3 – James 0



James wins initiative

Tara activates, gives Hans fast and buries him before walking away as if nothing had happened. Ramos then activates summoning a new Electrical creation, advances towards Joss who then chain activates into the right hand building to attack one of the 2 Void wretches dealing 2 damage. The wretch then distracts Joss and walks off. Seeing Joss baying for Wretch blood advances to the window and reactivates Joss. Meanwhile on the left flank, the lone arachnid suffers at the hands of the Nothing beast who rips it to shreds and walks off leading to Hans un-burying. Joss reactivates and walks up to the 2nd wretch again dealing 2 damage. Hans fresh out of his hole, advances and shoots Howard dealing 1 damage and slowing him down. Fresh from his slapping, one of the right hand Void Wretch advances towards Ramos distracting him and casting Hectic glow slowing him. Tara then reactivates and start playing bury shenanigans on Howard burying him, before teleporting away, all other models move around into tactical locations.

Liam 1 VP for Reconnoiter, James 1VP Reconnoiter, 1VP distract

Liam 4 – James 2



No surprise James wins initiative (Got to love positive initiative flips!)

James opens the turn by casting hectic glow on Joss with his Void wretch before walking away. Joss follows afterwards and open currents, the Wretch is the only model affected but it passes the required WP duel. The left flank wretch double advances towards the wall where my arachnid is hiding. Ramos then activates, magnetizes towards the arachnid, killing it and allowing Howard to un-bury, Ramos advances and summons 2 new arachnids before chain activating Howard who swiftly hops over the wall, walks up to Hans and turns him into a human kebab.


Seeing this the Nothing beast advances, swinging at Howard but only doing 1 damage, yet manages to trigger and bury Howard again (Pesky pot holes) but Howard passes the test and stays put. On the right one of the arachnids advances into the building to attack the wretch but only manages to do 1 damage to it. The Brass arachnid fails to reactivate Joss. Tara advances towards Howard, the 2nd void wretch on the wretch gets taken down by 2 of the arachnids and the remaining arachnid and electrical creation wonder around aimlessly.

Liam 1VP reconnoiter, James 1VP Distract

Liam 5 – James 3



Bet you can’t guess…….. Yep James win initiative 🙂

The Nothing beast activates and finishes off Howard before killing one of the arachnids surrounding the void wretch.  Ramos advances and summons 2 new arachnids in place of the one killed by the nothing beast and chain activates and arachnid who swings at the wretch for 1 damage. On the right the wretch fails to slow Joss and runs away. The wretch on the left dies to a newly summoned arachnid. Tara advances and distracts the un-activated arachnid. Back on the right one of the arachnids discards a scheme marker before Joss advances, gets reactivated by the Brass arachnid and then Red Jokers the wretch to oblivion.

Liam 1VP reconnoiter, James 1VP Distract

Liam 6 – James 4



I won initiative……… I know I couldn’t believe it either.

What a turn 5 hand...

What a turn 5 hand…

Turn 5 plays out pretty quickly as there is very little to left for James to activate, (Tara and Nothing Beast) I move an arachnid to secure a table quarter. Tara activates to reactivate, buries nothing beast and gives it fast. Ramos activates and summons 3 arachnids, chain activates one who runs the the table edge on centre line. Tara reactivates, un-buries the nothing beast who drops 2 scheme markers. The brass arachnid gets reactivate off on Joss who shakes distract and then discards a scheme marker. Game Ends


Liam -1VP Reconnoiter, 2VP Outflank. James 3VP Plant Evidence

Liam 9 – James 7


So a positive result for me, but then again that strategy is made for my many, many spiders. The main focus on this was for us to both brush off the cobwebs, which we did. I am still very worried about me being slow and am quite worried I will get pulled up on it at Deliverance. I just have to hope I can be a bit quicker. Howard lived a lot longer this game, but that was only really down to the fact that I managed to keep making James have negatives on damage and him drawing low cards. All in all though an enjoyable game 🙂


4 responses to “Malifaux Battle Report – 50SS Ramos v Tara

  1. Nice report, though one consideration is you focus a bit on the combats but less on how your moves were designed to achieve your vps which is obviously the critical part of malifaux (he says being really rubbish at remembering that part himself). Might benefit you in spotting areas for improvement to critically look at that side of your game?

    • Good point. Most of my movement was to ensure I could get plant explosives off turn 1 and then spread out to get as much coverage on reconnoiter. Having so many models helped out a lot and then holding the flank paid off for outflank.

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