Hobby Updates – Clear outs, and malifaux goodness

So life has been pretty hectic recently aside from a massively expensive month with lots of travelling. My Nan’s 70th, mum’s 50th and the wife’s 30th all in the space of a few weeks hobby time took a massive downward spiral.

So I used this as an opportunity to take stock and have a bit of a clear out. The man cave got cleansed, big style. A lot of books were sold off as well as some old unfinished 40k, flames of war, kings of war and other models that I was never going to get around to doing. However what did I do with the money? Yep you guessed it I reinvested it back into the hobby. However I was wise about it. I now have a new Kaiser 2 KR case another case for my growing X-Wing addiction.

Stuff Is still being Sold and can be found here – https://docs.google.com/document/d/15xQvPySvPeypW1kzqjFr4h7rdLKgcQzxy4Hv3NP9TP0/edit?usp=sharing

And behold the man cave is tidy :0


So Malifaux Stuff – Part of the clear up allowed me to a buy more stuff in which I am looking to move back into my original crews when I started in malifaux as well as digging out my malifools fanboy toys 🙂

Currently in assembly are:

  • Lilith Box set
  • Pandora Box Set
  • Teddy
  • Terror Tots
  • Nephilims




I’ve also managed to play some malifaux as well wiping off all the rust by way of signing up to Deliverance in Cardiff towards the end of June! Nothing like jumping in at the deep end is there. Yesterday say myself and Jan have a 40SS game with Ramos v Lynch. It was good as it taught me quite a lot to focus on for next time. I figured afterwards I should actually have a shot of my crew as I don’t believe I have snapped it all together before.



The X-Wing collection is steadily growing now as well with the shot only missing my Rebel transport



Club wise our new forum is fully up and running and proving quiet popular 🙂 The re-branding is done and I managed to snag myself a new T-Shirt with the new club logo, thanks to the wonderful Dani again for helping us out 😀




With things finally quietening down a little I should now be able to start getting back on track with the hobby now that I have a bit more motivation. I have stuff in the process of being painted and bits to look forward to in the future. Hopefully I can stay on track longer than normal…


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