The Dukes of Dagobah – Results

So it’s been a busy month Tournament wise for me. In the space of a month we have had a dreadball, 40k and yesterday wrapped it up with a 1 day X-wing tournament . I had been helping Sam prepare for the tournament with trophies etc and with there being odd numbers I decided to drop out on the day and help Sam run things. All in all it was a fantastic day and considering there was a large number of our local X-wing crowd unable to make the weekend future events look promising. So anyway onwards to results, lists and photos:




ID Name Faction Enemy Destroyed Forces Lost Final Score SOS
1 Jake (Dead Metal) Rebels 330 153 15 43
2 James Ling (Vargas) Rebels 289 166 15 43
3 Ian Holmes (Scared of Crows) Rebels 258 199 15 33
4 Gary Imperials 238 252 13 38
5 Peter (Vyper) Imperials 279 156 10 45
6 Josh Imperials 179 293 10 40
7 Allessandro (Ruglud) Imperials 243 235 10 30
8 Sy (Ginjasy) Imperials 200 153 8 48
9 Mini Ginjasy (Rhys) Rebels 159 187 5 48
10 Cai Imperials 79 194 5 43
11 Dave (Aborted) Imperials 70 289 5 35
12 Dave (Hung) Rebels 173 227 5 33

There were a number of prizes up for grabs today, the most coveted one was first place and being crowned the first Duke of Dagobah:

Jake powered through his first 3 games with a very aggressive playstyle, but came unstuck in his final game against James, dispite this however they ended up tied on Strength of Schedule, but Jake won out through enemy forces destroyed.



Aside from the gorgeous glass engraved trophy that we gave out, Jake also walked away with a pair of Custom “Duke of Dagobah” Pilot cards for both factions. We love a bit of fun in our group and these cards will be playable up until we hold our next event and crown the Second Duke.



Our next prize was the Golden X-wing, this award was for the person who killed the most named pilots throughout the day. This was very tight with several palyers tied on 6 kills, however Peter managed to pip them all with 7 kills.


And of course, no tournament would be right without a wooden spoon. Again there were several people in contention for this prize, however it Was Dave Avery who took the honours through strength of schedule of winning the wooden spoon and being crowned our first Dungan



YT1300 – Chewbacca – Millennium Falcon
X-Wing – Wedge – R2D2, Hull Upgrade
X-Wing – Rookie Pilot

X-Wing – Garven – R2D2, Shield Upgrade
X-Wing – Biggs – R2F2, Stealth Device
Hwk-290 – Kyle Katarn – Recon Specialist, Moldy Crow, Blaster Turret, Opportunist

B-Wing – Ibtisam – Push the limit
B-Wing – Dagger Sq Pilot – Advanced sensors
X-Wing – Rookie Pilot
X-Wing – Rookie Pilot

Tie Interceptor – Soontir Fel – Push the limit, Stealth device
Tie Interceptor – Turr Phennir – Veteran instincts
Lambda Shuttle – Omnicron Group Pilot – Engine
Tie Fighter – Backstabber

Tie Interceptor – Royal Guard Pilot – Push the limit
Tie Interceptor – Royal Guard Pilot – Push the limit
Firespray – Bounty Hunter
Tie Fighter – Backstabber

Tie Advanced – Darth Vadar – Concussion missile
Tie Fighter – Academy Pilot
Tie Fighter – Academy Pilot
Firespray – Krassis Trelix – Heavy laser cannon

Tie Fighter – Howlrunner
Tie Fighter –  Mauler Mithel – Squad leader
Tie Fighter – Backstabber
Tie Fighter – Dark Curse
Tie Fighter – Night Beast
Tie Fighter – Winged Gundark

Tie Fighter – Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Tie Fighter – Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Tie Fighter – Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Tie Fighter – Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Tie Fighter – Howlrunner – Stealth device
Tie Interceptor – Kir Kanos – Stealth device

X-Wing – Rookie Pilot
X-Wing – Rookie Pilot
Y-Wing – Dutch Vandar – R2 astromech, Ion cannon
X-Wing – Wedge Antilles

Tie Advanced – Darth Vadar – shield, cluster missiles
Tie Interceptor – Carnor Jax – Hull upgrade, push the limit
Tie Interceptor – Tetran Cowall – Hull upgrade, Push the limit

Dave Latham:
Tie Advanced – Storm Squadron Pilot
Tie Fighter – Academy Pilot
Firespray – Rath Scarlet – Slave 1, Proton torpedoes, Homing missiles, swarm tactics
Tie Fighter – Black Squadron Pilot

Dave Avery:
X-Wing – Wedge – R2 astromech, expose
Hwk-290 – Jan Ors – Determination, Ion turret, Nien Numb
X-Wing – Biggs – R2-D2, shield upgrade


Overall it was a fantastic day. We used the official FFG tournament pack for this, and we are already looking at ideas for future events such as Warmachine style multi-list and team formats.

If you are in the Bristol area, and want to come play some X-Wing, then visit our forum at



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