Trolls Painting Update

So actual progress within the original timeline. Ok well nearly. I did say I would have the battle box done inside of 2 weeks and whilst I didn’t get the second Impaler completed, I did get the mauler done. After painting the first I kind of lost the will and needed something else to work on. But still they are starting to come along nicely 🙂

Once again my piss poor photography skills seem to let me down. If anyone has some suggestions I am all for them.




So whats next for the trolls, aside from the stuff I have picked up for my escalation league, I wanted a few more options as at lower points madrak gets a bit boring to play with. With that said I managed to pick up:

  • eGrissel
  • eGrim
  • Calandra
  • Earthborn
  • Pyre Troll
  • Max Champs
  • Max Burrowers
  • Champ Solo

All this in a nice second hand job lot all in various degrees of completion. Most spent a few days in the dettol and is currently in the process of being reassembled seeing as along with removing paint dettol ruins superglue.

On a side note I may or may note have got a butt ton of X-Wing stuff……


2 responses to “Trolls Painting Update

  1. I see you use dettol, have you tried using biostrip (god I sound like a salesman) but it seriously works better and is just easier to use as doesn’t gunge up with water.

    Nice looking figs, you calling them done at this or planning on going back with some highlights at a later date, thinking the blue skin would get that ‘pop’ factor with some brighter highlights.

    • I might go back at a later date and add highlights to the skin if I can be bothered. I still have to add the rest of the bits to the bases but I will be doing that in bulk

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