STOP THE PRESSES. I have painted some stuff!!!!!!!

Ok so it is not much. Motivation has been a rare thing lately. Work have fucked me off royally which has got me down and I have managed to tear the muscle in my spine again so I am currently off my head on pain medication 😀

Still I have set myself on a small bit of a roll. Mainly on assembling but with some assembling.

It is by no mans my best painting but most of this is for my Deadzone demo kit so quick and dirty is key, the enforcers and plague  arrived pre-assembled and sprayed with lots of mould lines but i’ve rolled with it to get them up to a demo level. The mawbeast however are up to my normal tabletop standard 🙂



20140206_094259So yeah that’s all the painting I have managed to complete 😦

However, I have assembled A LOT of stuff.With a new mid war Flames of war and warmahordes league having started I have managed to assemble a full 35pts of Trollbloods and 1500pts of Mid War brits 🙂 My painting pile is officially huge.



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