Dreadball Azure Forest League Pack

Today the postman delivered me some more gaming goodness in the form of the new league pack for dreadball. This is the first in a series of releases for the game that will come out that will add a new twist to how dreadball is played.


Now I love dreadball and anything that comes out that will will mix it up a little bit is always welcome. So what do you get?

1x Rulebook
15x Additional cards
1x New trophy
1x A’teo Adysi MVP





The main thing this release does is adds a weather system. As the game grows and is played on more an more systems, there is not always the ability to play in high tech enclosed stadiums and as such the elements can play a helpful or hindering hand on the players. As well as these rules there are a few pages of fluff on the planet Azure and how it ties in with everything. More fluff is always nice 🙂

In addition to the weather rules, there are additional rules for an honour system within leagues that provide certain bonuses during a teams next game as well changing the way cheerleaders work. Cheerleaders to me have always been a little bit pointless. These guys now have the ability to make an immediate impact on your team regardless of the score.

Finally you are given rules for the league pack MVP A’teo Adysi as well as the 3 Kickstarter backer MVPs. These MVPs were made on the backers likeness as they pledged a LOT of money to back it. They are nice and varied and include a kid riding a robo dinosaur!!!!

So now to add these models onto the mountain of stuff I can’t get motivated to paint 🙂


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