Deadzone, Assembling madness and the January Army Challenge

Well, what a busy few weeks it has been. With Deadzone coming out recently to Kickstarter backers it has been all hands assembling with the rare amounts of free time I have. I am currently busy plowing through the Enforcers, Plague and my current favourites the marauders.



However it has not been all assembling, as I took a little trip to Mantic HQ to help with the Kickstarter packing. At first it sounded easy until I realised I would leave Bristol at 0450, drive 200 miles and then spend 10 hours packing boxes…



20131212_144923So 10 hours and 510 boxes where packed off by fed ex on there way to the US.

Packing and assembling aside it has also been a great time to start demoing deadzone to my local gaming group 🙂 I mean you have to share that addiction don’t you!






However it doesn’t end here…… Thanks to the wonderful chaps at Mantic, I now have myself a large Ogre army. Yep more models to put together and paint, however I have set myself a challenge, well more of a gauntlet. Everything will be assembled and painted by the end of January! Thats right all of this stuff below will be done. That is:

1x Ogre Leader
2x Regiments of Ogre Warriors3x Regiments of Ogre Shooters
1x Regiment of Ogre Chariots
1x Ogre Captain on Chariot

Should be easy right……. Right.


I am throwing out the January challenge to others and you can follow my progress / success / failure on twitter by following me and looking out for #januaryarmychallenge

Until next time.

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