40k Back On The Wagon – WIP Update 3

A few weeks after my last update and not much has progressed, well it has but not to the extent that I would like. The usual work, work work, blah, blah, blah. Oh and my stag do which I survived 🙂

Frantic wedding planning aside. ONLY 5 weeks to go……… and I am making time to get the last bits of my 1000pts assembled.

So what been done since update #2





The Rhino for second tactical squad is all done and magnetised. After failing a few times on the first one the second was a breeze. My rescued Vindicator that never got fully painted for my blood angels has been assembled along with my Master of the Forge with grav Pistol and the first of my Tactical squads have been put together.

On the tactical squads, the new kits are brilliant. There are so many options now to chop and change across that you will never run out of ideas. GW have been clever though and changed the weapons so that the new kits have arms that cut off at wrists and hands attached to weapons which makes back compatibility a slight pain but nothing too bad 🙂

So this just leaves my second squad of Tactical marines to assemble and then I need to find a Vulkan model which for the time being is being proxied until I can get hold of it.

So back to the assembly line


One response to “40k Back On The Wagon – WIP Update 3

  1. I love vindicators. I never find myself disappointed in them, especially if you throw chronus inside so they never lose a turn of shooting. Grin.

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