Flames of War Demo Kit!

So recently I managed to have a nice lengthy conversation with Gareth from Battlefront Miniatures. After some general hobby talk we got into talk of the Ranger programme. A few forms later and.

BAM! Bristol Vanguard are in the Ranger Programme!

Rangers Lead the Way

So what is the Ranger programme? Simple, it’s groups of people who demo the game in the local area to help get more people playing. And to help, Battlefront sent me a free demo kit which I have been frantically putting together over the last few days The Demo kit is just over half of what is included in the Open Fire starter set and even with only a fraction of models there is still a fair amount to work through.

All assembled and based

All assembled and based

As you can see everything is assembled and based ready for undercoating. If all goes to plan which for me will be a damned miracle come next Sunday all of this will be painted and ready to take down to Vanguard Wargaming to put on some demos!



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