Vanguard Wargaming

So many months ago our FLGS closed it’s doors for good amidst lies, speculations and rumours galore.

However from the ashes of one rises another.




Vanguard finally opened it’s doors a few weeks ago after a massive campaign to convert this old pub. Whilst there is still a lot of work to do, it is looking extremely promising so far 🙂

So without further ado onto the tour:

The front

View upon entry

View upon entry

What a view from the front door. They Majority of these belong to Jay and includes his personal Necron army and ongoing commission work. To the right is a book case that separates the store from the Blood Bowl arena and has KR stock.

Come in and turn left and you have the store

Come in and turn left and you have the store

The main part of the shop. Look closely. OFFICIAL FORGEWORLD STOCKIST!!!!!

Current main gaming area

Current main gaming area

Main portion of gaming tables set up with some lovely KR prototype gaming tables underneath with great storage potential. Where I am standing is another area that will house another 4 full size gaming tables and a couple of vending machines.

In the far left corner is a massive accessible toilet and area for painting to be done.

There are also plans to use the beer garden in the summer 🙂

Board Game / RPG room

Board Game / RPG room

Once finished this will be the board game and RPG room complete with sofas and a plasma TV on the wall. This will make a great staging area for tournaments. If you have your imagination cap on this is to the 2 o’clock of the above picture

Blood Bowl Corner

Blood Bowl Corner

Blood Bowl Arena

Blood Bowl Arena

The blood bowl arena, enough space for 4 tables of bloodbowl / Dreadball

And that concludes this part of the tour. As you can see it is really starting to come along nicely and I cannot wait for it to be finished. This place has so much potential and is owned and run by 2 very savvy and business minded blokes.

I am so glad we have a FLGS back in Bristol

So I will leave you with the important stuff as well. Location and opening times

188 hotwells road,
BS8 4RP.

opening hours:

Monday : 12am -10pm
Tuesday : 12am – 10pm
Wednesday : 12am – 10pm
Thursday : 12am – 12pm*
Friday : 12am – 10pm
Saturday : 11am – 6pm
Sunday : 11am – 6pm**

*6pm -12pm Vanguard Thursday, club members only.

** Times vary for 1 day gaming events.


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