A reflection of 2012

So another year is nearly over and what a crazy year it has been.

Around this time last year, I set out some simple objectives for 2012. Now I say simple, but I managed to fail every single one of them…

Go me.

  1. Paint more stuff – I still have far too much to paint and with moving house, having my knee operation and stupid amounts of real work to do the moment slowly ground to a halt
  2. Keep the blog going – Well I kind of managed to do this. The blog is still hear but the frequency of content is nowhere near what I was hoping for.
  3. Play more games – Err yeah. I think I can count on both hands the number of games I managed to play 😦
  4. Buy less – Fuck you Kickstarter!!!

So can I improve next year and actually manage to stick to my plans and get stuff painted and play more games. I bloody well hope so. Any tips to get my painting motivation back will be greatly appreciated as well.


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