Something a little different

Fear not readers I am not dead. Well not yet at least. Work is trying their best to slowly break my will with crazy long hours.

Gaming in Bristol has pretty much been non existent in Bristol over the last few months. Cut and Thrust our local gaming store has closed down. Many rumours are flying around as to the reasons but nothing solid is truly known. We have a new store launching soon but that has faced building delays and should hopefully allow service to resume as normal before Christmas.

It has not been completely non existent though as the few hours I have had spare over the last month have been spent painting some 95th Rifles for my dad’s 50th birthday. Aside from loving the Sharpe series they are also the Grand parent regiment of the Royal Green Jackets in which my dad served and I grew up as an army brat 🙂 so what do you think?


2 responses to “Something a little different

  1. Nice stuff… seeing the picts before reading i thought, yep, somehow i kind of know these uniforms…. 😉
    Just a few weeks before i got me the Sharpe-serie on BlueRay.
    But didnt find time to watch the movies until now.


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