Forgeworld Only – The Great Twitter Project

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The crazy and yet wonderful Richard Smith or @Richards2507 as many of the Warmonger community know him, has gone and started a new project and subsequent trend on twitter called #ForgeWorldOnly

The premise is simple. From scratch build up to a full 1750pts 40k army using full Forgeworld products or conversion kits. With Forgeworld being expensive and with so many other half’s / she who must be obeyed kicking around, this expensive project will not fly under the radar for long. As a result there needs to be a set of rules to follow that Richard has kindly provided:

These rules are as follows;
1) Forge World models should be used primarily, unless they don’t manufacture a specific part.
2) If Forge World don’t manufacture a specific part, you can use any company in the world. FOR THAT PART ONLY.
3) You can only have 1 unit at a time (combat squads count as a unit, transport is a separate unit)
4) You can only buy another unit after the current one is fully painted and based, and pictures shared on twitter.
5) once we reach 1,750points we all meet at Warhammer World for a day of gaming, drinking and purchasing our next unit.
Rich is a popular bloke and it didn’t take long before other people have jumped on board to play along and as of writing this it is up to double digits of participants.

Now as for me, I am on this like a fat kid on a cake factory tour however the inner child within cannot make it’s mind up on what to choose. I have been eyeing up something from the Badab wars books for a while in either the form of Red Scorpions or the Tyrant Legion list for quite some time but then there are the Elysians and now the wonderful Horus Heresy book which allows me to field the Emperor’s Children. The other alternative is do I take this opportunity to add some cool Pre Heresy stuff to my Blood Angels.

Argh too many choices it’s not fair 😥


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