KR Custom Cut Khador Conquest Tray

Several weeks ago I finally managed to get hold of a Conquest for my ever expanding Khador Army.This thing is a true beast and puts the behemoth to shame. However being a beast this thing is a nightmare to store and transport around and I really wanted to store it alongside the rest of my models in their KR cases

Well a few emails later and my new baby went off for a little spa vacation to Colchester. Today the UPS man turned up and look what he gave me…

My baby is back. And what’s even better he is in his very own Custom Cut KR tray.

Conquest, all snug as a bug

The tray itself is a half Case width and full height, featuring the standard KR blue foam. Daryl has done a stellar job on this tray, not only fitting my Conquest in perfectly but knowing that not everyone will want to assemble theirs in the the same way. As a result he has included some sections to pluck away that will allow you to pose your menacing arms in an array of different poses.

Right hand side removable sections

Left hand side removable sections

This tray is simply put, excellent. not only does it fit my new centrepiece model perfectly, but it also fits with every one of my other trays and cases to ensure that nothing will get left behind.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the KR website ( as this will be on general sale soon and will be the first of hopefully many custom Warmachine trays to become available.

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