Relic Knight Preview Rules

So it seems that Soda pop miniatures has answered the call of the salivating pledgers who are complaining that May cannot come quickly enough 🙂

They have released the preview rules and all relevant cards that have been used in demo games so we can print and play. I am definitely looking forward to getting a few proxy games in with these rules. Now all I need to do is get some printer ink.

Full downloads can be found – I have also hosted them here for those that find the site work blocked. How nice am I 🙂


relic_knights Rulebook

Esper Deck


Faction Cards








As well as this there is also a 90 minute full demo game-play featured on Throne of Angels on Youtube. If can get over the hosts at time annoying excitement it does give a very good insight into the game mechanics, unfortunately he hasn’t discovered the art of a decent camera so it is only in 480 which makes watching it a tad annoying.


2 responses to “Relic Knight Preview Rules

  1. Great post. I have gotten around to giving them my money, but have not yet gotten around to blogging about this particular project.

    You’ve set the bar pretty high.

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