Youtube Spotlight Series – #1 Ichiban Painting

As I endeavour to learn all that I can now that I have my shiny new airbrush, I have found myself watching a lot of youtube videos. Like most things on the internet there is a gold mine of channels that provide a vast amount of extremely helpful information on youtube. On the flip side however, there is just as much if not more, well to put it bluntly, crap.

As a result I am featuring a new spotlight series where I shall share with the community the youtube channels that are said goldmines.

First up in this series is none other than multiple Golden Demon Winner Hugo, or as the internet knows him, Ichiban Painting

Click for Hugo’s youtube channel

As I have mentioned in previous articles, Hugo provided endless amounts of advice and answered constant stupid questions as I was trying to decide what brand to buy and what essential pieces of kit. Beyond this he also has his own channels that spotlights his own painting projects, vlogs and Painting tutorials. I urge any new airbrush user to give all of these videos below a watch, then head over to Hugo’s youtube channel and subscribe.

So like I said, these are just some of the tutorials that Hugo has produced so what are you waiting for. Go and watch the rest.

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