Tournament Preperation

So as my body gradually mends itself, I set myself a target of being able to stand for a full day by 23rd September. Why this specific date I hear you as? Well if you have not already guessed by my post title there is a tournament on the Horizon. More specifically a 1 day Warmachine tournament as part of the South west Steamroller series. Lucky for me one of the heats is in Bristol and not far from where I live 🙂 Happy days.

Tournament format is a 2 list 50pt steamroller format. So time to Prepare myself: So far I have virtually decided on my first list (eSorscha) But I am having trouble deciding on my second. Currently toying between Zerkovas No Quarter list or pButcher. I know a lot of people do not like butcher but I have always managed good results with him and the sheer amount of damage I can get him to dish out is brutal.

List 1 – eSorscha

Forward Kommander Sorscha – WJ: +6
– War Dog
– Behemoth – PC: 13
– Conquest – PC: 19

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2

Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2
– 3 1 Rocketeer’s: 3
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters – Cylena & 9 Grunts: 10

Iron Fang Pikemen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard – PC: 2

So what do people think I should use as my second list. Is the 1st list wildly off the mark?


8 responses to “Tournament Preperation

    • I am not sure on the reinforcements front. I have never used them before. From what I have seen they seem to be a standard choice for Khador so I kind of added them in. Saying that though they are speed 6 so they are not the slowest unit around

      • Ah for some reason thought they where slower. I am struggling with my reinforecments at 35 pts. Not sure between an Ironclad or Minuteman plus either Gorman or couple of stormcallers

      • I have no idea lol. I still need to read the rules on reinforcements. Do jacks come on the board with focus on? 7 points is definitely an arse to choose something. 10 points makes for much easier options

      • They do. Come one with a full 3. What they can do with that except run is dependent on how the game has gone. Yeah 7 points is such a £”$”£

  1. Do you know if the tournament is turn based time or deathclock? I can see this possibly being a problem on turn based unless your pretty fast at playing.

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