Painting Table Update

So with me being stuck at home unable to move for most of the time I have been taking the time to try and get back into the swing of painting. The xbox has barely been touched which is really helping due to the fact there is nothing I really want to play on it at the moment. The plan whilst I was off was originally to paint my entire Flames of War Panzer Lehr army. Battlefront through a giant spanner in that works though by making their German late armour spray cans explode, so they have been recalled and I cannot get hold of them for love nor money.
So what am I painting at the moment? Have a look.

Dark Elf Blood Bowl team (Miniatures by Shadow Forge Miniatures)

Currently my next project blood bowl team these wicked ladies. The red is basically done and this has take a considerable amount of time as I have been trying to blend the red layers to make it stand out. Considering that I have not really layered before I am liking how it has come out. Still not decided on the skin though. I am toying between a very pale flesh tone or a more greyish hue with purple/blue shading that fits more to dark elves.

Dark Elf Runners (WIP – 09/08/2012)

Dark Elf Which Elves (WIP 09/08/2012)

Dark Elf Assassins (WIP 09/08/2012)

Dark Elf Blitzers (WIP 09/08/2012)

Line Elves (WIP 09/08/2012)

Misc Blood Bowl

Also on the table is a number of miscellaneous blood bowl models for both my Dark Elves and recently completed Orcs.

These will all be painted alongside the Dark Elves so should in theory be completed at the same time, but how often have I said I will paint something and then it doesn’t get finished 😦 But anyway here we have a bloodweiser babe from Impact miniatures, and awesome looking Mr T.M from Greebo Miniatures. The which is from a trade I did with my good friend Arthur (Follow him on twitter here) He also helped my source the long out of production Orc Goff Rockers which shall be used as Re-roll, turn and score markers once fully painted.

Misc Sideline Figures

Sideline Orc Rockers


Not wanting to completely abandon my Warmachine as before moving house killed all progress I was flying through the models. I have gotten a few models out in the hope of being able to get back into the swing of things as I still have so much of this to paint.

On the painting table we have, the Old witch, Eiryss, Kovnik Joe and Harlan Versh

Misc Warmachine figures

And finally to aid this new found painting progress, I have enacted a clean desk policy. Lets see how long it actually lasts shall we lol

A clear painting Desk!!!!


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