Easy Army FOW Army Builder


So as many of you guys know, I am not all about Warmachine. There is a sizable chunk of my heart reserved solely for Flames of War and other World War 2 based games. Having a sizable chunk of British 5th Airborne and a growing portion of Panther goodness as well I am getting more and more game time in with Battlefronts newest edition.

A few months ago a couple of friends from my FLGS pointed me in the direction of Easyarmy.com as an online tool to compile all of my Flames of war lists. I took a visit to the site when I got home and did not think much of it, however over the last few weeks I have been getting to grips with the site and what better way than to share my thoughts with you all.

As I mentioned the site at first does not really look that great and it initially put me off of using it up until recently. To use the site you need to create an account with the usual details of email, password etc and you are ready to go.

Once logged in you are able to create a new company. This presents you with hundreds of potential companies including the official briefings that appear on the battlefront website. Whilst this seems daunting, the guys at easy army allow you to filter the companies by source book, country, period and even the specific company type to help you narrow down the options.

Brilliant, let me see what I can do with my Panzer Lehr company from earth and steel. However before I could access the list I am redirected to a please donate page. This price ranges from $1-2 via a paypal donation, but allows you to use every list in that particular book. whilst you may question why you should pay, and I did on reflection it was well worth the 60 odd pence that I parted with. Now I must say that Easy Army do provide some free books that you can use including all lists from Cassino and Blitzkrieg so you can see for yourself as to whether it is worthwhile or not for yourself.

So payment aside, what exactly do you get for your cold hard cash. By clicking on a company you will be presented with a screen similar to this:

Each company has a nicely presented overview of all the options available to a given company, The top clearly shows your total points, period and as well as company skill and motivation. Each option is clickable and will drill down to show the available sub options:

As you can see the platoon options provide you with a wealth of information including silhouette images for base numbers as well as general stats. Making selections uses very easy radio buttons and occasional drop down menus for upgrades. The site also allows the ability to preview how the current platoon will affect the overall points of your army.

Once you have completed pulling your list together, easy army has one more ace up it’s sleeve in the form of printer friendly view, which also allows download to PDF.

This is a lovely feature especially as the majority of my lists are made at home on my iPad, and as mine is only the wifi model it enables me to easily save them and take them on the move to tournaments. The information provided is not only easy to read and reference but gives all stats relevant in 1 convenient page, drastically reducing the number of pages you have to flick through when all you want to know is the anti tank rating of your favourite tanks.

Overall I am very impressed with this website / tool. Although there is a buy-in to be able to use the main books, in the grand scheme of hobby expenses that we put ourselves through the $1-2 donation is really nothing for the flexibility that this site offers you. Even if you only look at the free books available, I would strongly recommend that any Flames of War general give this site a try, I guarantee that this will become a go to tool in the future.


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