Basecrafts Steampunk Basing Kit

Yes ladies and Gentlemen I am not dead, I came close but I am still alive. The joys of getting the flu then getting a chest infection and subsequent throat infection. I know how to party.

Progress in Liam land has been painfully slow with only a handful of models being painted of which I have not been able to photograph because yes I am crap 😦

Anyway I am well again so lets try again. In the meantime, the fine folks at Basecrafts have released a new basing kit and this thing looks fantastic.

All you need to add that steampunk vibe to your bases. If only this had been released when I was painting when I was going through my malifaux models of which I still need to finish off lol.

Either way check out their video below and give them a try. I for one shall be picking this kit up to go with my winter basing kit.


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