Warmachine Vassal 4.2 Released

After a long long wait the updated Vassal module is finally here 🙂 I am slowly getting into Vassal and whilst I have only managed to play 1 or 2 games I have watched a fair few live games over the previous weeks. Vassal is a great tool to help you play when you can’t get down to physically play and now this is out I will definitely be getting a lot of games in.

If anyone fancies a game sometime then feel free to drop me a message


One response to “Warmachine Vassal 4.2 Released

  1. I’m also on Vassel occasionally. We should try and get a game in sometime.

    I usually use it to try an army I don’t own yet or don’t really plan on getting, but maybe I have just gotten excited about an idea that I want to try out.

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