My look at Agrax earthshade

The musing Bear himself has got hands on with the GW devlan Mud replacement. In interesting look at the differences and it has made me glad that I stocked up with several pots of Devlan mud and badab black 🙂

Miniature Musings of a Bear

So as you know I love Devlan mud 😉
So time has come to try the new pretender.


So we have 3 ork heads all base coat of Desert Yellow (like all my orks).
On the left we have old faithful Devlan mud.
Middle is 2 coats of Agrax Earthshade.
Right is a chaos black plus earthshade mix.
So thoughts…..disappointed if i start a new army I could see me using earthshade but it is no replacement for Devlan. This is a huge problem and feel I need to look for alternatives.

Side note the reds on show the left is mechrite red and right is closest current red – Khorne red. I shall not say a thing.

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